Remote Key Handoff

From time to time, it may be necessary to do a remote key handoff to best serve the needs of our clients. Schedules don’t always line up perfectly, but that’s no reason not to rent some of the greatest, most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet. Follow the below guidelines and you’ll be in great … More Remote Key Handoff

Tesla Walk-thru Videos

Reading FAQ’s is often helpful to drivers new to Tesla, but sometimes there’s no good replacement for a good video. Please refer to the following video’s below directly from Tesla. Model X: Home Charging Supercharging Public Charging Front Trunk Key FOB Steering Wheel Gear Selection Doors Rear Seats Smart Air Suspension Model 3: Model  3 Article … More Tesla Walk-thru Videos

Autopilot FAQ

Autopilot is probably one of the most anticipated and exciting features about renting a Tesla, and we are excited for you to try it out, but just a few words of caution first. First and foremost, Tesla’s are not currently a full self-driving car. As the screen will warn you when you activate the feature, … More Autopilot FAQ