Remote Key Handoff

From time to time, it may be necessary to do a remote key handoff to best serve the needs of our clients. Schedules don’t always line up perfectly, but that’s no reason not to rent some of the greatest, most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet. Follow the below guidelines and you’ll be in great shape to enjoy your Tesla rental.

  1. Read all of the FAQ’s and walkthru’s associated with your vehicle (Model X or 3) if you’ve never driven a Tesla before.
  2. Keep us updated via Turo as to your expected arrival time.
  3. Take a picture of your drivers license (or drivers license and passport if visiting from another country) and upload them to the photo’s section of the trip on Turo.
  4. Notify us via Turo messaging or SMS text when you’ve arrived at the car and we will unlock it remotely.

Model X:

For Model X pickups, you’ll find a black pouch in the cupholder with the keyfob inside. This pouch blocks the keyfob signal so the car can be securely locked with the key inside. Remove the keyfob and use as normal for your rental. You can place the pouch in the glovebox. For Model X dropoff’s, please place the keyfob back into the black pouch, which may be in the glovebox, and leave in the cupholder. Notify us via Turo messaging or SMS text when you’ve vacated the vehicle and we will remotely lock the vehicle.

Mission Darkness

Model 3:

For Model 3 pickups, you’ll find the black Tesla key card in the center console. You can remove the key and use normally as detailed in the Model 3 Doors, Keys, and Locks FAQ. For Model 3 dropoff’s, please place the key back into the center console. Notify us via Turo messaging or SMS text when you’ve vacated the vehicle and we will remotely lock the vehicle.


Airport Pickups and Dropoff’s:

For airport pickups or dropoff’s that must be done remotely, we will try to park the car in or near the EV charging spots in short term or long term parking based on the situation. In the image below, we have circled the two areas where there are EV parking spots and chargers. From the baggage claim, you will need to exit down the escalator into the basement and follow the signs for the parking garage. As you walk into the short term garage, you will come to a bank of elevators. If the car is parked in the short term lot, you will need to walk one row over to the left from the elevators and there are 3 EV parking spots there. If the car is parked in long-term parking, you will need to take the elevator up one level and follow the markings to walk through the short-term garage, across the street, and into the long-term garage. Turn right once you’re in the long-term garage and walk all the way to the end on the first level. The EV chargers are all located right by the garage exit. In the case of airport pickups and dropoff’s, we will message you via Turo to confirm where the car has been parked and can be picked up from. For airport pickups, the parking ticket will be left with the key. The renter will need to pay for parking when they exit, however, they will be reimbursed on drop-off in cash or via Turo if the drop-off is remote as well.

SAT Airport Map


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