Tesla Model 3 – Doors, Keys, and Locks FAQ

Q. How do I lock and unlock the doors?

A. Take the provided key card and swipe it mid-way up on the B-Pillar of the car (this is the pillar between the front and back seat, below the camera used for Autopilot. You will swipe to unlock and swipe again to lock.

Q. How do I open the doors from the outside?

A. Once the doors are unlocked, press in on the large portion of the handle with your thumb and the smaller portion will pivot out from the vehicle that you can grab with the rest of your hand. Continue to pull out until you hear the door unlatch. If it doesn’t unlatch, it is most likely still locked.

Q. How do I start the car once inside?

A. Place the key on the panel between the cupholders and the center console and that will enable the car to start. Then, just press your foot on the brake to start the car. If you don’t have the key in the right location, the screen will show you where to place the card.

Q. How do I open the doors from the inside?

Press the electronic button at the top of the door handle to release the lock and open the door.


Q. How do I ensure the door is closed?

A. When exiting the vehicle, you’ll notice that the window drops slightly to open the door. Similarly, when you close the door, the window will raise back up. The doors on the model 3 do need to be shut with a little force to make sure they shut all the way, fully latch, and the window raises back up. If the door looks like the following picture below, please open it again and try to shut it a little harder.

Q. How do I open the trunk and the front trunk (frunk)?

A.  If the car is unlocked, the rear trunk can be opened by pressing the button on the underside of the trunk handle. Alternatively, both trunks can be opened via the touchscreen, as evidenced below, on the left-hand side of the screen. Just press the button labeled “Open” for whichever trunk you want to open.20180320_162918

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