Tesla Model X – Doors, Seats & Key Fob FAQ

Q. How do I open the doors manually?

A. On the Tesla Model X, you’ll notice that the door handles are flush with the body of the car. All you need to do is press down on the angled part of the handle and the doors will automatically open via motorized doors (as long as the key fob is nearby). Please note that while the doors do have sensors to prevent hitting anything nearby (or above in the case of the Falcon Wing Doors), it is important to be aware of your surroundings when opening doors. If you feel the door is going hit something, please grab it with your hand and apply pressure and it will stop opening. This is especially important with the Falcon Wing Doors in overhead environments such as parking garages. All doors can also be opened via the touchscreen (Controls -> Doors) or via the key fob.

Q. How do I get into the 3rd row?

A. When enabled via the touchscreen (it’s on by default), the easy entry button allows you to move the first and second row seats up, simultaneously, to allow access to the third row. Easy entry can be controlled either via this screen or via the easy entry button on the back of the 2nd row seats on the shoulder closest to the door.

Q. How do I fold and unfold the 3rd row seats?

The third row of seats have a circular button on the outside should of each seat. Pressing this button will release an electronic lock that will allow you to fold or unfold the 3rd row seats.

Q. How do I open the doors with the key fob?

A. The key fob can be used with the following button presses to open/close the respective door.

Trunk (1) – Double click to open/close

Unlock All (2) – Double click to unlock all and open drivers door

Lock All (2) – Single click to lock all doors

Close All Doors and Lock (2) – Triple click to close all doors and lock

Front Trunk (3) – Double Click to Open – NOTE: This is the only door that must be closed manually as discussed in the Tesla Interface Walk-thru

Falcon Wing Doors (4) – Double click to open/close, single click to stop movement


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