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Drive the Future

Tesla, the last successful American car startup since Ford in 1903, is disrupting every aspect of the automotive industry. Historically, Tesla has been known as that little car startup from Fremont, CA making electric cars for the rich and famous, however, they’re so much more than that now. You can’t go a day without reading about Tesla’s Autopilot technology in the news, hearing about Tesla’s capability to provide over-the-air updates to continually add new features via software, or out-performing the likes of Lamborghini or Mclaren’s in all-out drag races. Driving a Tesla, you’ll also notice their extreme attention to detail with regards to the interior design as well. There are things for the ultra-tech saavy such as using the 17″ touchscreen to control every aspect of the car to minor details like the use of natural light in the vehicle, fixing the dreaded 3rd row seat access, or even making something as boring as adjusting air vents exciting through the use of technology.

At the end of the day though, most of Tesla’s models are classified as Ultra-Luxury vehicles and rarely accessible to the average American. We are here to change that by building out a fleet of Tesla vehicles from the Ultra-Luxury vehicles, like the Tesla Model X and S, and down to Tesla’s mid-size luxury mainstream vehicle, the Model 3. Take a look below at the vehicles we have available to rent and let us know your thoughts!

Welcome to the Future!

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